Walking the World of Darkness

So having decided on V5, now was the time to work out what emulator I wanted to use. Mythic is still my ‘go to’ when it comes to soloing. It’s great when you are generating things ‘off the cuff’ but when it comes to a more structured story, I sometimes find it a little too open […]

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Vampire Solo

When I decided to play VtM solo, there were a couple of questions that needed to be answered before I even started thinking about character. Which emulator would I use, what random tables were available and most importantly which edition was I going to play: First Ed, Second Ed, Revised, V20 or V5? I think […]

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Foundry VTT and Solo RPG

I had the opportunity to pick up FoundryVTT for a sale price prior to Christmas. I’ve always liked the look of it especially the pay once licensing, as opposed to a subscription payment (yep, looking at you Roll20). Little bit of a steep learning curve, but not too hard, and what I love best about […]

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Session 8: Destination

Undertake a journey – strong hit! I push on through the wet swampy ground for a number of hours. Each step feels me with a sense of purpose and relief that I am finally on my way again. Finally I feel like I’m making some progress! Ahead I see some woods appear. They look a […]

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Session 7: Despair and Recovery

I hurt. I’m sore and obviously I have laid where I fell for some time, so stiff. Stretch and stand to get the blood moving through my flesh. What a mess on the ground. Let’s salvage what supplies we have and find some dry ground to camp and recuperate on. They’ll be no more travelling […]

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Session 6: The Swarm

Gather infoWeak hit6 vs 4&9 Yes some tracks! Hang on. There more then just the Mystic’s tracksAre they human? Likely – No they aren’t! Find Community. It looks like hundred of small scratchings if Avella didn’t know any better he would think the mystic has been joined by a swarm of creatures. Rats? Whatever they […]

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Session 5: Hunting

Morien: Yer off then? [Short and still hurting from the incident the night before] Avella: [little sheepishly] Aye. Need to find that bastard that hurt yo…Look, I’m sorry for being an arse, last night. I was just trying to help them. Morien: Ahh ya great lunk. (She stands beside him.) They don’t understand warriors like […]

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Session 4: Downtime

“Morien. Did the devil worshipper indicate why you were travelling this way?” Move: Gather Information +wits +1 bond w/Morien  – Strong hit “Aye. He mentioned something about an ancient ruin somewhere around here. A place where he could find some lost magic? Think he was planning on sacrificing a few of us to gain some […]

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Session 3: Escape

“Alright, I’ll cut you loose. See if you can get to some of the others and cut them free” “Aye. What will you do?” “See if I can take the big bastard out, if he’s the one holding the raid together hopefully when he goes down, that’ll take the wind out of the others sail. […]

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