Foundry VTT and Solo RPG

I had the opportunity to pick up FoundryVTT for a sale price prior to Christmas. I’ve always liked the look of it especially the pay once licensing, as opposed to a subscription payment (yep, looking at you Roll20).

Little bit of a steep learning curve, but not too hard, and what I love best about it is the number of add on modules and game systems you can pull into your foundry install to customise and suit your approach to playing.

I wondered what it would be like as a solo platform? Well I wondered no longer when I stumbled across Jeansen Vaars video explaining his Mythic GME module he built for Foundry VTT and was hooked! Being a Mythic junkie, a whole world of possibility suddenly opened up.

I generally use OneNote to manage my SoloRPG, but this was providing another option to capture solo tales. I installed his Mythic module as well as a few chat enhancements to capture the adventure in a journal and started playing around with all of the macros etc. He has certainly made it easy to implement the entire Mythic rule set, not just the main rule book, but also Mythic Variations I and II. I exclusively use Variations II, so that was fantastic and extremely helpful.

I haven’t played any solo (little inconvenient thing called ‘life’) for a while, so this has reignited my determination to get back into it, especially for what I originally set out to do with this blog and what I wanted to try playing solo…

Vampire the Masquerade.

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